Diversity Without Division: Introducing the Moral Courage Method of Communicating Across Divides

At a glance...

  • On-demand, pre-recorded, and self-paced.

  • Five modules; total time commitment of 5 - 9 hours.

  • Finish it all in one sitting or take breaks between each module.

  • Tools, techniques, tips, and downloadable resources throughout.

  • ATTN SHRM-certified learners: Earn 9 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) towards your recertification. To get this course's Activity ID, download your certificate of completion and email it to us: team@moralcourage.com.

This course is more than PD; it can be team-building, too!

  • Turn this professional development exercise into a team-building opportunity. Here's how: Learn as a cohort. While everybody moves through the course as individuals, you'll all finish by an agreed-upon date. Then you'll convene over snacks to debrief the learnings together. During the debrief, you can brainstorm ways to support each other in practicing the skills taught by the course.

  • Bonus: If 50 or more individuals in your organization want to take the course, then the Moral Courage team can take care of enrolling them all at once. Inquire via team@moralcourage.com.

Learning Objectives

You'll learn to help people do these things:

  • View themselves and each other as more than "oppressed" or "oppressive" groups.

  • Recognize that empathy is a smarter and more constructive emotion than feeling offended.

  • Create brave spaces for asking honest and unorthodox questions.

  • Hear rather than fear different opinions, values, interpretations, and ideas.

  • Draw the best from multiple perspectives to become innovative problem-solvers.


Irshad Manji

Irshad is founder of the Moral Courage network and the recipient of Oprah's first-ever "Chutzpah Award" for boldness. A leadership professor at New York University for many years, Irshad now teaches with the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights. She is the New York Times bestselling author, most recently, of "Don't Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars." Chris Rock calls the book "genius." (Not everyone agrees.)